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April Ort

Freelance journalist and copywriter

April Ort is a freelance writer specializing in business topics. She has an appetite for learning and her research skills could dig up Jimmy Hoffa's body, given enough time and writing expenses.

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How to Make Yarn Hair for Dolls | eHow UK

How to Make Yarn Hair for Dolls | eHow UK

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How to make yarn hair for dolls | eHow UK

No doll is complete without a full head of hair. However, the idea of tediously applying each strand of yarn to a small cloth head may be daunting. Fear not, because this guide ......

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Cause of a white tongue | eHow UK

There are several conditions that may cause the tongue to appear white, the most common of which is inflammation of the papillae (bumps on the surface of the tongue). Bacteria and ......

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How to make your own membership id cards | eHow UK

Membership ID cards provide privileges to those who carry them by distinguishing them as a unique member of a club or organisation. Many companies will produce ID cards for a fee, ......

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How to forgive a pathological liar | eHow UK

Being in a relationship with a pathological liar can make you question your own sanity; it is more likely, however, that the liar suffers from mental health issues than you. ......

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How to make a house for a raccoon | eHow UK

Raccoons do not make their own dens but rather discover and take over available shelter created by other creatures. Abandoned fox and skunk holes are common areas where raccoons ......

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How to use chickens to hatch duck eggs | eHow UK

More and more individuals are choosing to hatch duck eggs, in choice or in place of chicken eggs. There are a few different ways to hatch ducklings, but using a chicken is perhaps ......

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How to clean mason bee houses | eHow UK

Mason bee houses are useful for increasing the population of these pollinating insects, but the small dimensions of the tubular homes can make cleaning difficult. It is possible, ......

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How to make a fashion doll stand | eHow UK

Collecting fashion dolls is a passion shared by many. One of the pleasures of owning such treasures is displaying them for all to see. Since many doll collectors own several ......

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How to make cloud 9 balloon clusters for a wedding | eHow UK

Cloud 9 balloon clusters are a simple and inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any wedding celebration. These "clouds" of latex balloons can be arranged in a variety of ......


How to Increase the Appraisal Value of a New Home | eHow

Due to property taxes, many homeowners appreciate a lower appraisal value on their home, but if you are looking to take out a home equity loan, it can be to your advantage to have a higher appraisal value. You can increase the value of your new home by many means,...

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How to make beaded flowers | eHow UK

Beaded flowers provide beautiful decoration to a variety of items. They enhance hair accessories, embellish jewellery and adorn speciality clothes. These lovely pieces look ......

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How to estimate how many pounds of roofing nails are needed | eHow UK

Working on the roof can be a dangerous job, and reducing the trips up and down is one way to lessen the risk of injury. You can estimate the amount of roofing nails needed for a ......


How to Make Beaded Flowers | eHow

Beaded flowers provide beautiful decoration to a variety of items. They enhance hair accessories, embellish jewelry and adorn specialty clothes. These lovely pieces look intricately designed, yet can be hand made by a simple process....


How to Rig Plastic Worms With Super Glue | eHow

Plastic worms are a cheap alternative to live bait, if you don't lose the worm to hungry fish or thick weeds. There are a number of ways to ensure your worm stays in the best position for attracting fish. Rigging your plastic worm to your hook with Super Glue both...